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Certificate 1
Basic Installation

essential first qualification for installation technicians foundation certificate for progression in vehicle enhancement

MESF Student membership is included when you sign on for your MESF Certificate 1 Basic Installation qualification.
If you are employed in the industry you can also gain the MESF Registered grade and when you have passed your MESF Certificate 1 Basic Installation qualification you can qualify for the MESF Installation Technician grade (grades are subject to qualifying conditions).

These grades will be important to you in your career.

The Vehicle Enhancement Certification Programme offers MESF installation certification at three levels: MESF Certificate 1 Basic Installation, MESF Certificate 2 Advanced Installation and MESF Certificate 3 Specialist Installation in Security or Audio.
All require the passing of a written examination and regular renewal.

Although the subjects tested in the MESF Certificate 1 Basic Installation examination are basic, the MESF Study Guide 1 Basic installation is an essential element for passing more advanced examinations and earning professional qualifications.

Qualifications gained as part of the VECP are much sought after in their own right but are also important as
evidence of underpinning knowledge for other national qualifications.

Scheduled Courses:mecp-course-2006
VECP Installer courses are designed to give the student a ‘back to basics’ head start in completing the Installer examination.
The courses are run over 2 days and cover the areas of the examination that are known to be difficult for 1st time candidates.
The last day consists of a recap of the covered topics in the morning and the examination in the afternoon.

The course provides an ideal learning environment, away from the normally stressful work place, where candidates can also learn from each others experiences. Courses are limited to 10 candidates at a time.

A buffet lunch and refreshments are provided on each day and a list of local accommodation is provided on registration.

The course is located in Stafford (Staffordshire) and has excellent road and rail



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