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vintage 3The Mobile Electronic & Security Federation was founded over thirty years ago as CRISP, the Car Radio Installation Specialists. A trade association to represent those involved in the newly introduced vehicle entertainment technologies of the time. Stereo sound in a car was in its infancy then and a standard fit car radio was still rare. Over time car radios made way for in car entertainment systems with cassette players, CD players, RDS traffic information, amplifiers and multi speaker set ups. Security systems arrived and became more sophisticated. Telephones found their way in to vehicles. Mobile electronics had arrived, CRISP was out of date.

In the 21st century, it is very rare not to have a radio of some type fitted as standard in a new vehicle whether car, van, truck or earthmover but customer expectations have moved on and consequently the demand for in car electronic equipment is staggering.

Inside your vehicle you can now listen to radio broadcasts on LW, MW, SW, FM and Digital; you can play cassette tapes, CDs, MiniDiscs, DVDs, downloaded MP3 files and home recorded CD-Rs.

You can watch videos, DVDs, analogue and digital TV and play computer games. Passengers in a car can watch and listen to different entertainment on TV screens built into headrests and roof panels.

As well as using a telephone you can send and receive faxes and access the internet for your emails.

You can benefit from real time traffic information and navigation and have your boss know exactly where you are, your direction of travel and your speed.

vintage 1To protect your vehicle from thieves you can have a keyless immobiliser, a remote control alarm system with a combination of activation sensors including, ultrasonic, microwave, infrasonic, inclination and shock. Some sensors can alert before a thief even begins to work on your vehicle. There are alarm systems that can telephone you and let you listen to any activity inside your vehicle. Others allow you to start your engine remotely, warming up or cooling down the interior depending on the temperature. These same engine starting systems will monitor the battery voltage and if it drops to a worrying level can start the engine and replenish the charge. Very useful in a long term airport car park. And in safety and security; any interference with a remote or automatically started vehicle shuts the engine down and restores the security.

If your vehicle is stolen there are systems that will get it back for you. Tracking devices keep tabs on stolen vehicles using terrestrial radio signals or a combination of satellite and telephone technologies. Sophisticated versions can broadcast video images of the thief at the wheel. Hijackers are defeated by other specialised systems that enable the legitimate driver to get to safety before activating.

To take advantage of these new technologies you must look to the specialist aftermarket suppliers and installers. The incredible speed of these developments leaves the motor manufacturers built in systems trailing, often years behind.vintage 2

Technology is a part of all our lives and nowhere more visible than in entertainment and information systems. The Mobile Electronic & Security Federation is concerned with the integration of entertainment and information systems in to motor vehicles.

Successful integration is dependent on quality. High quality in both product and installation.

The complexity and safety implications of these systems are such that only skilled technicians can successfully install them into vehicles. As the involved trade association, the system 1Mobile Electronic & Security Federation has a Code of Practice for these installations and has a qualification programme for the installers. The Mobile Electronic Certified Professional (MECP) programme is a series of qualifications for beginner to experienced installers and technicians. The MESF is also introducing vocational qualifications to government standards as NVQs, Technical Certificates and Modern Apprenticeships.
Coupled with this programme of training and qualifications the MESF is introducing a graded professional registration scheme for industry workers that will, while giving due allowance for experience in establishing an initial grade, will encourage progression through theoretical and vocational examination.

The MESF’s Approved Specialist network of retailers and installers abide by the Code of Practice and have staff who are either qualified or are working towards a recognised qualification. They work together in support of the MESF Installation Warranty to ensure every job results in a satisfied customer with an efficient and reliable installation.

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