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As a member of the ifitstuff forum, you are serious about your business and are well informed about industry issues.
It will be no surprise to you when you read that the vehicle makers want to make it even harder for you to carry on in business than it is already. By lobbying and influencing the EU, the Government, consumer groups and others, they want to overturn the regulations that oblige them to make technical information available to you (regulations which they explore every loophole to avoid). Vehicle are also becoming, unnecessarily, more difficult to work on.
Because of the poor service that consumers have experienced from motor dealers and repairers, the Government has told the motor trade to introduce adequate training and qualifications for workers and a code of practice to protect its customers or suffer the consequences of Government intervention. The vehicle makers have backed a series of initiatives on training and code of practice that satisfy the Government in terms of their own dealerships but which leave the aftermarket (of which you are a part) out in the cold.
The aftermarket has joined together in the Right to Repair Campaign (R2RC) which will ensure the vehicle makers have to continue making information available to all and that future vehicle designs allow for the aftermarket to continue in business.

Never has it been more important for this industry to work together and support each other. The MESF invites you to join it as a business in supporting the R2RC and participating in the industry’s qualifications and accreditation.

You can choose how to support the MESF as a business from the Business Member Benefits chart which lists the benefits available to you. Your membership is vital to the work of the MESF in ensuring the vehicle manufacturers do not destroy the aftermarket and take away your livelihood.

As an individual you should also be sure you gain the qualifications and accreditation that have been developed for this industry. The MESF has worked with the Institute of the Motor Industry to be certain that with the Vehicle Enhancement Certification Programme (VECP) installation technicians have training and qualifications that are based on the motor industry’s National Standards and are accepted by them.

The MESF is your link with the motor industry.

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